How to Pay Off with ZoomTrader?

ZoomTrader offers its investors a broad portfolio of different trading options and is therefore itself the best broker in the area of binary options. But what about diversity with regard to the payment methods?

We’ve looked for ways ZoomTrader makes payouts.

Trading in binary options, with stocks, currency pairs, in pop over here indices & Co. is at best crowned by success, that is, the trader drives profits. Of course, he would like to pay off somehow. ZoomTrader currently offers two options.

First, the customer all website here has to make his way to the virtual “checkout” on the trading platform. Here you will find the navigation point “Payout”, which the trader can use to transfer money. All ZoomTrader payments are made by regular bank transfer, Skrill, Neteller, Paysafecard or via the credit card account of the customer.

ZoomTrader Payments to the credit card account, Skrill, Neteller and Paysafecard

If payments are to be made via the credit card account, the trader must specify exactly the recommended site see card account for the cash transfer, which has already been used for making payments. Many traders have several credit cards and want to be charged separately from each other – but this is not possible with Zoomtrader.

Likewise, it works with the online services Skrill & amp; Co. – who has made a deposit there this link with will also be paid out of the respective accounts.

ZoomTrader Payouts to the classic money (Giro) account

The same is true of payments on the money (Giro) account. Payouts can only be made on accounts listed in the account of the trader.

In all cases, his explanation however, a person’s proof must have been issued for the payout! ZoomTrader follows the guidelines of the Money Laundering Act and requires, for example, a verification of the copy of the ID card.

How long does the payout take with ZoomTrader?

Until the paid money is on the trader’s account, 14 days may pass. At first sight this appears quite long, but it is not arbitrary on the part of the broker. This is to ensure that traders can revoke their debiting orders, if so desired.

Charges can be made free of charge at any time.

Payouts for bonuses than my review here

ZoomTrader is currently investing in lucrative bonuses for investors – up to 100% of the deposit sum is possible. One or the other trader is at this point trying to see this page good get the money back immediately. This is understandably not possible. The broker ties up with the payment of bonuses some conditions that the customer must first implement. For example, if you have paid 200 euros, you must have a 40-fold sum (8,000 euros) before you can pay off the bonus.

Important note: Our research on the net revealed that this procedure apparently annoyed numerous ZoomTrader customers, so that there is increased fraud reproaches. In fact, however, this is check my reference make also a commercial practice and ZoomTrader is by no means different from other brokers. We can not confirm these allegations.

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