One Touch Options

The One-Touch option is in money once the price has touched the price limit previously set. If this happens at the beginning of the term, the investor has immediately won; Even if the profit is only booked at the end of the term. In this case, however, the investor can look forward to the successful outcome of the transaction and look forward to the next trades.

An inverse variant, in which the trader etoro review wins if the price does not touch the corresponding limit, also exists and is called a no-touch option. The difficulties here are the same as with the touch option, since the broker and not the investor sets the price limits.

Depending on the term, very high returns are offered with one-touch options, which can be several hundred percent. However, one-touch options are not included in each broker’s portfolio, and the selection of the underlyings for trading is limited. However, some investors will wonder how the broker can pay such high returns without plus500 review becoming insolvent. This is due to the fact that high returns are always associated with an equally high risk. Furthermore, the broker usually takes the counter position of the trader in order to secure himself financially. Its merit is made up of the difference between the purchase price and the selling price, as well as the fees. In addition, the trader’s money will be profitable, anyoption review but secure. Basically, however, the broker is on a par with the trader and is not ahead of him on the irrational market.

One-Touch Option 24option review

The first step is for the investor to seek out a underlying with which he would like to trade the one-touch option. These are, logically, underlying assets with high volatility, such as currency pairs or commodities, as the chances of success are higher. However, caution is required here that the course may also be volatile in the wrong direction and fall right at the beginning, although a high limit has been set.

The following parameter, which the trader can determine, is the heading to which he would like to speculate. If he is on a rising course with price upper limit, he buys a touch up option. Otherwise, he can just as well speculate on falling courses and a lower limit, this is called a touchdown option. It is important to consider the term and price limit specified by the broker. Only if these two Copy Trading review factors are realistic in the opinion of the investor, the option may have opportunities.

On the whole, the one-touch option appears to be more difficult to handle than a call Social Trading review or put option, but the trader has won immediately if the price limit is touched. This is also the case when, after touching the threshold, the course reverses in a completely different direction, which is often observed.

However, if you compare the binary touch option with a classic option, the digital variant is much easier to handle. For the classic option, the price limit is not defined, but is dynamically adjusted to the market through trailing IQ Option review stops. With binary options, there is generally no such stop-gap management, so this time-consuming point is no longer required.

One-Touch Options Trader Requirements

The reason why many traders consider buying a one-touch option is certainly the high profitability, with extremely high returns of up to 500%. Sure, this is very tempting, but the investor must always remember that a broker can not offer such profits without substantial risk.

This designated 500% return is obtained, for example, with an option relating to a currency pair. This must reach the price limit within the term of perhaps one week, possibly with a weekend in between, so that the option is in the money. Making such predictions is extremely difficult and speculative, which is why such high returns are also being promised.

If options with shorter run times are completed, the predictions are easier, but also the gains are much lower. Likewise, gains are lower for more stable a replacement get underlying assets, such as equities or one